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Kabbalah Bracelet

A Kabbalah bracelet is a bracelet made from red string and has a long and powerful history within the Kabbalah faith - an esoteric Jewish religion. This is a charm bracelet that has its roots in religious history.

Many pop stars, actors and actresses now wear the Kabbalah red string bracelet charm as they embrace their new faith. Amongst them is Madonna (see below)

If you've done much searching for a Kabbalah bracelet you will have seen that some are being made from various colored strings. These are not authentic - it is not called a Kabbalah red string bracelet for nothing. Make sure you get a red string bracelet. It is written in the Kabbala book Otzarot Yerushalayim that wearing this string is especially beneficial against the evil eye, for alleviating pain, and for bearing children.

kabbalah bracelet
Sterling silver hamsa charm, red silk-cord string with lobster clasp
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kabbalah red string bracelet
Made and shipped from Israel. More authentic than most
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kabbalah bracelet
Gold plated sterling silver intertwined with 7" red cotton string
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kabbalah red string bracelet
Gold plated sterling silver intertwined with 8" red cotton string
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madonna wearing her kabbalah red string bracelet
Pop superstar Madonna wearing her Kabbalah red string bracelet whilst performing
make your own kabbalah red string bracelet
Make your own bracelet with red string from Rachel's Thomb, Israel
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kabbalah red string
Evil eye AND hamsa, 14k gold

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red string bracelet
Has names for Healing, Prosperity, Protection and Happiness

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red string bracelet
Has silver red evil eye charm

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The Kabbalah bracelet is to protect you from the influences of the evil eye. In ancient times in the Holy Land of Israel it was the custom to wind red string around the tomb of Rachel. The string was then cut it into pieces and worn on the left wrist which was believed by the Kabbalah to be the receiving side for the body and soul. This custom is still devoutly believed and followed to this day. By wearing the Kabbalah bracelet on your left wrist, you will receive a vital connection to the protective energies surrounding the tomb of Rachel.

You can read much more about the power of protection in The Red String Book.

It is possible to buy Kabbalah bracelets where the string used has actually been tied around Rachel's tomb and prayed over but - in all honesty - most will not.

An authentic Kabbalah bracelet is made from STRING. The string is sometimes woven to make the bracelet more substantial but do understand that it is not a thick cord - these are string bracelets. That is how they are supposed to be. Make sure you choose a red one and wear it on the LEFT wrist.

Madonna's Kabbalah Experience

Pop diva Madonna has taken the Hewbrew name of Esther and has made several pilgrimages to Israel over the last decade as she follows the Kabbalah faith. Certainly the Kabbalah red string bracelet is often on display while she is performing on stage and it has been seen on the wrists of her children too.

You can read more about Madonna and the Kabbalah faith in this Huffingtonpost article.

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